Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mucho Interview

It's kind of funny interviewing your friend you hang out with all the time but I did. Mucho is my friend, the one I watch 90210 and Melrose Place with. We watch each other's cat's when we go out of town and we have craft nights which are my favorite. Pamela is really swell and a great crafting friend. Here's a little more about her. Leave a comment at the end of this post and you'll have the chance to win your very own Mucho Drumstick!

S- When did you start crafting?

M- I guess my mom taught me to crochet when I was in grade school but she only taught me the chain stitch so I couldn't really make anything. She taught me to use a sewing machine when I was a little older that was probably the real start. I got into crochet again in my 20's.

S- You sew and do a lot of crochet. Would you say you have a favorite?

M- Definitely crochet but that's because I can create in 3-D easier than in sewing. I haven't quite grasped that skill yet.

S- How long does it usually take you to come up with a new crochet pattern?

M- Sometimes it's a couple hours sometimes a couple days. I try to think it trhough in my head first and then do trial and error until I'm satisfied with the outcome. I realized that even if the design comes easily on the first try, I still need to write it down. I made things I haven't been able to recreate until after multiple tries.

S- You recently had to go to the doctor for tennis elbow from all your crafting and work. Did you learn anything useful other crafters might like to know?

M- My doctor fitted me for a wrist splint which you can just pick up at any drug store and I will definitely be wearing that every time I crochet. S- Also look at the new Craft magazine out on May 6th.

S- What is an essential craft supply for your work?

M- hmmm....Where do I begin. I can keep myself pretty happy and content with a crochet hook and a few skeins of yarn for days.

S- How often do you try and create a new design for your etsy shop?

M_ I definitely would like to more often. Maybe every couple months. I work 40 hours a weeek and like to have a bit of a social life. It's hard to balance it all.

S- What has been one of your most memorable craft experiences since you started Mucho?

M- Urban Craft Uprising was a pretty awesome time. It was my first craft fair, I was with good friends, met amazing crafters and saw tons of cool stuff.

S- What's your biggest source of inspiration?

M- Friends suggestions, Japanese advertising, mascots and Japanese products and old craft books and magazines. Oh and food of course!

S- What's on Mucho's horizon?

M- Well as soon as I rid myself of this stupid tennis elbow I hope to come up with some new amigurumi designs and fill my etsy shop a little more.

S- Anything exciting you would like to share with our Plush You readers?

M- You can learn how to make bacon bowls on Not Martha, I think that's exciting! I will also be in Kristen Rask's (that's me) new book and I will be participating in this year's Plush You show.

Leave a comment here for your chance to win your own Mucho Drumstick!


Rosalie said...

Underpants keychains are AWESOME!

Bunny B said...

Too cute! Adorable :)

Kimberly Pye said...

Mm! Drumstick! It's tofu, right? ;-) I'll be needing some o' those underpants, too!

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Eva said...

oh my friend would adore this drumstick! she loves food plushies. if i win, i will give it to her for her bday!

mr_thye said...

lovin' the plate of sentient breakfast. Some day i need to teach myself crochet right now I am hand stitching stuffed animals but I have big fat man fingers so it get hard to play with that tiny needle.

Izzy said...

Those are the cutest drumsticks I have ever seen! Their expressions are adorable!

Dodo Castagna said...