Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fluffels Interview and Giveaway!

Fluffels are sometimes fluffy, often times adorable, occasionally sinister lookin' little creatures by Mariska Vos-Bolman. Mariska will be showing once again at Schmancy for this year's Plush You show! I love these little guys and hope you do too. Leave a comment here for your chance to win your own Cute Kitty Kit. Don't forget to leave contact info so we can tell you you won!

S- In case our readers don't know who you are, can you please briefly describe what Fluffels are and how you got started?

F- Fluffels are crazy but very cute soft toys. I try to give my creations a lot of character that will put a smile on your face. The name Fluffels is a combination of the dutch word for soft toys: Knuffels and the word Fluffy. Two years ago I bought my first sewing machine, after looking scared at it for two weeks (I was sure I was going to hurt myself) I tried my first project, a pillow. Then I made a Soft toy and there was just no stopping. :)

S- In 2007 you quit your Video game job to be a full-time plush artist. What made you take the plunge?

F- I wasn't enjoying myself at my old job anymore. I was doing the same thing for years and was pretty bored, I was making soldiers all the time. The Company itself was great, wonderful people. But I really needed a change. I already started making plush and selling them to several shops around the world. Doing this was so much more fun for me that I thought I'd give it a try. I won't say it isn't hard. But I'm enjoying myself and It is going better every month.

S- How have you marketed yourself to reach new audiences?

F- Enter lots of plush shows :) . You have to do a lot of marketing. Sent your creations to blogs, make a Flickr page. Don't expect to just start selling without doing any marketing. Hand out your business card to anyone you know, they might know someone that can help you do a bit of marketing.

S- Your gallery section is awesome! I love the Seattle pics! Do you have regular fans sending you their guys in their homes and whatnot?

F- Thank you! Some of them are sent to me by people and some I found on flickr and asked them if I can put them on my website. I think it is really cool when people send me a photo of their Fluffel! Some of the photo's are made by myself, I carry the Fluffels around to lots of places.

S- It seems like you have participated in a lot of plush shows. What have been some of your experiences with doing shows such as Plush You?

F- I love doing plush shows! It is so much fun to have Fluffels showcased in a show!
I see photo's appear on Flickr and that is so great! Most of the shows are in the USA, and since I'm in the Netherlands I just can't visit them. That is a shame, I hope to visit one one day.

S- You do really awesome DIY patterns as well. When did you start making them and how has it been giving out your patterns?

F- Thanks! I start making them a few months ago. I call them DIY Fluffies, because the style is a bit different then the normal Fluffels. The idea of people that are being crafty with my patterns is just great! I already had a lot of positive feedback and I'm planning on creating many more. For the tutorials I was inspired by the Japanese craft books, I loved the way they make illustrated tutorials to explain everything. You don't even have to understand Japanese and you can still make them. That's is exactly what I wanted to for my tutorials. Not much reading but cute clear illustrations.

S- How often do you create a new design?

F- I try to create a new design a least twice a month. But I'm pregnant now, so things are going a bit slower then usual. The baby comes first. :)

S- How often do you do custom work?

F- Almost never, only different color version of the Fluffels. I did do them in the beginning, but I prefer making my own designs. It takes up a lot of time and I have to many ideas of my own that I want to create.

S- What are your goals for the new year?

F- If I have enough time I would love to create a soft toy tutorial book. But that will take up a lot of time, first some more Fluffels, DIY Fluffies patterns and kits.

S- Where else can people see your work?

F- website
flickr site
patterns on etsy
etsy shop

Comment here with your name and contact info to win your own Fluffels Cute Kitty Kit


Barbara Prime said...

What cute cuddlies! I would love to win the kit and make a kitty for my baby.

Barbara Prime

Lotuspixie said...

I love her kits! they're so cute, i've run across them in multiple places, and i'd love to get one :)


planetjune said...

The kitty kit is so adorable! I'd love to win it.

June (

Erin M. Evans said...

i saw fluffels bulls at crammed organisms this summer and loved them!

devlo said...

ZOMG I love the zombie fluffel bear sticker. I love it even better on her website as a real plush!
Great interview.

ms.dearlydevoted [at]

devlo said...

Oh, I wanted to share this Plushies link with you guys -- I love the creativeness of these hand-made plushies, I have a link on my blog here:

Thought you guys would be interested.

Eva said...

oh i know just the right person who i'd make this for! i hope i win, i love fluffels work. i've been meaning to buy her dragon patter for quite some time now :D thanks for the interview!

Anvikit said...

Adorablely odd critters you have! And I mean that in a good way ;)

Also congrats on the new baby on the way!! I'm sure he or she will be in no short supply of interesting things to play with!

And I think I saw from another comment that you had plush in the crammed organism show! I can't wait to get my book, I'll be sure to look up your guys!

Keep up the awesome work! You are an inspiration to the plush slackers in this world .. (like me lol) And best wishes for you and your new addition to your family!

Annie aka Anvikit

Anvikit said...
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Anvikit said...
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Bunny B said...

These are super cute! I'd love to win a kitty kit!

bunnybx at gmail . com

JuDiBeLuLa said...

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whatsthatfluffinmyhead said...

Ooo I'd love to win the kit! It'll make a lovely cheer-up present :D


JSully said...

I came across fluffels just the other day looking for a dragon to do for my daughter's soccer team. I think all of those little creatures are so cute, I would love the kitty kit to see if I had it in me to create some!


mbabecka said...

I have a dd who I homeschool. She loves to sew. I think she'd like to try her hand and making these. Thanks.