Friday, December 5, 2008

Wonder Thunder Interview and Giveaway!

I have only recently had the pleasure of discovering the magic of Wonder Thunder but I am sure glad I did. They are a little bit like magic you know? Leave a comment here with contact info for your chance to win a 2.5" mini plush toast made by the WT team!

PY- How did Wonder Thunder come about?

WT- Wonder Thunder was assembled out of loose scraps, dirty screens, loose morals, and long winter days. We felt the need to fill our already busy days and nights with as much stuff as possible. The rest is history.

PY- Are you from a State that actually has thunder?

WT- Our lives in Tennessee were riddled with thunder storms, something we miss dearly here in the pacific northwest. Tennessee is known for it's sporadic tornado outbreaks, crashing trees, and volatile weather.

PY- You guys have a diverse collection. Who does what in your duo?

WT- We both come up with ideas and the illustrations, we typically draw things by hand then manipulate the drawings on the computer. Sasha screen-prints, Meagan sews. We both do the cutting, ironing, stuffing, embroidering, washing, folding, and cooking.

PY- Do you guys work on Wonder Thunder only or do you have "regular" jobs?

WT- Meagan works as a sculpture fabricator for a local glass artist, Sasha works part time at a couple record companies and does freelance design. Once the Wonder Thunder empire reigns supreme we plan to buy a vintage yacht and world peace.

PY- What is your favorite WT item currently?

WT- We celebrate the entire collection.

PY- What do you expect to be your big holiday seller?

WT- We'd like to sell out of everything. Honestly. Then we can pack up for the equator with empty consciences. We've been making lots of pillows the last couple weeks, it would be great to sell them. They are oh so soft.

PY- What do you guys listen to when you make stuff?

WT- Documentaries from the library, Dr Dog, The Band, Foals, Minus the Bear, Midlake, Murder by Death, Jenny Lewis, Black Moth Super Rainbow, NPR, This American Life, and Meagan plays MIA and Dan Deacon when Sasha's not around.

PY- What are some plans for 2009?

WT- We plan to expand into the pickle market. Seriously. We'll probably keep making different things as they come up.... shower curtains, lamps, paw paw witches, one apron, abridged autobiographies, and some other junk to peddle to the people.

PY- Where can people find your work?

WT- Online at; in Seattle at Blue Bottle, Schmancy(soon!) & 20twenty(also soon!); in Brooklyn at Fact and Fancy; in Columbus, OH at Wholly Craft; in Murfreesboro, TN at Sugaree's; and in Portland, OR at Fontanelle. We'll also have some prints at Giant Robot SF during December.

PY- Funniest selling experience for 2008?

WT- That dog don't hunt. I mean, we don't have one.

Don't forget to enter here for your chance to win this guy!


kelseycliche said...

Looks like a great team of people, and a fun interview. :]

Bah! I love toast! Hope I win.


blakewest said...

The portraits are rad!

Anonymous said...

I can relate to the toast


James Moes said...

I saw them at this week's Grassroots event but had no idea that their product was this grand. Thanks for sharing, and for the interview!

lookwhaticando said...

I just bought a portrait at Urban Craft Uprising and I love it. The toast and banana are even cooler in real life. Nice folks too. xoxo

melissa christine said...

I went to Urban Craft Uprising on Saturday with very little pocket cash (I'm on a budget, okay?) - after sharing their Etsy site with my boyfriend, we got so excited about their toast pillows, veggie bags and "Oh, No!" print that we had to head back to UCU again today (Sunday). Definitely a good find. Unique, usable art.

Kimberland Designs said...

Wonder Thunder's work is fantastic! Thanks for introducing them to us =). I can't even pick a favourite - I love all the pillows and wallets. I hope I win the toast!

Kim =)

Shellyfish said...

I'm now officially afraid of Tenessee, but in a good way.
I love toast!

Shellfish :

Kristin R said...

This toast is so funny! Thanks for the introduction to wonder thunder...I'm heading over to their website now.... Kristin