Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sewing Stars Interview

Teresa Levy of Sewing Stars is one of those masterminds behind the cute and cuddly. If you are a plush enthusiast, which I am assuming you are since you are here, then you most likely know who Teresa is. But on some crazy off chance you do not, well now you will. It's hard to look at anything she makes without a little part of you melting away in cute abyss.
I love her work and always enjoy seeing what she is going to come up with next. No matter what it is it is sure to be a delight. I am so glad that I finally was able to get even more information on her. Enjoy!

S- Just by any chance someone does not know who you are already, can you give us a little back ground on you and your art?

SS- well, i have been making stuffed animals/creatures since college. in the last few years i built up my website, and have been selling my crafty wares coast to coast at various indie craft shows as well as online in my own shop.

S- You are one busy lady! You sew, you make kits, you do drawings, etc. etc etc. How do you prioritize all the responsibilities of your business?

SS- i make a series of to do lists constantly. updating them, rewriting them, and even make little to do spread sheets for big projects or when prepping for a craft show.

S- A lot of your plush is pretty simple yet super appealing and sweet. Where do you find inspiration for all the various kinds of plush you make?

SS- hm, my brain is sort a weird place i think. every once in a while it sends me an idea, and then my hands try to make it. usually it works too! i do tend towards animals though, but lately i have been into putting faces on plush objects too. i also like to try & find ways to turn unusual items into a 'doll-like' form with arms & legs. which actually relates to doodles i often make when on hold on the phone, or decorating my left over container from a restruant.

S- You are an experienced craft show lady. With all the summer craft fairs coming following all the holiday ones, how do you prepare?

SS- like i said, i actually make a big excel spreadsheet of all the items i want to make for a show, and as i make them put them in italics and move along to the next item. its a handy way to keep track of everything i make too.

S- What is your favorite part of being a crafty lady and what advice would you have for folks that are wanting to foster more of their creativity?

SS- my favorite part is the ability to sew anything i envision. after years of sewing, it comes much easier to me now, and i love it. i think if people want to be creative they need to stay inspired by looking at lots of crafty books, magazines, etc, and also keep trying to improve with each project.

S- For the last few days I have been crafted out. Gearing up for a big event gets exhausting and I just couldn't take it anymore. After one night of way too many episodes of Weeds, I realized I couldn't do that for two nights in a row. You seem to craft even when you are sick, which impresses me to no end. How do you muster up the energy when you don't think you have it?

SS- i am not sure...i do take days off, and usually feel incredible guilt when i do. and when getting ready for a crafty event/show i often have an overwhelming guilt that keeps me working no matter what... i am not sure i recommend that as a way to be motivated though!

S- What drew you to making plush in the first place?

SS- well, if i had to pin point a pivotal moment, it would be when i was a freshman in college. i was being forced to make art all the time, but it was always what my teachers wanted me to do. typically i rebelled by hand sewing a series of weird creatures as a way to do something i wanted to do for a change. it then became something i did from to time, and eventually became what i did all the time!

S- What are some of your goals for the rest of this year?

SS- finish my book! i am in the thick of it right now...i also want to take part in as many craft shows as i can possibly handle come fall too. that is pretty much it... what can i say, i love my job!

S- Any places Plush You readers might be able to find you this summer or holiday season?

SS- well this weekend (June 28) i will be at Crafty Bastards (Summer) in MD. after that i am keeping the summer open for my book stuff & web shop updates. come fall/winter i would like to take part in Crafty Bastards (fall edition), felt club in LA, the bazaar bizarre boston and i will of course be helping out as well as selling at Craftland right here in Providence, RI!

S- What is one of your guilty pleasures in life?

SS- oh, i am huge addiction to collecting toys would be my guiltiest pleasure at the moment!


Patrizia said...

Fantastic interview! :)

Paper Girl Productions said...

Wow, amazing creations! Fantastic interview!

Laura Lynn said...

What a fabulous interview, thank you!! I loved hearing how Teresa gets ready for a show. I'm going to try her method myself to see if it helps me!