Wednesday, June 18, 2008

We Dream of Meat Interview and Giveaway!

I personally don't dream of meat. I was a vegetarian for a long time but then I started feeling too sleepy and someone suggested it was my diet. One day, around the holidays, I had a week of running around. I was exhausted and had to continue playing the part of the energizer bunny. I ordered a burger. It was delicious. My friend was so happy that I was considering meat again that he took me to the famous Salumi's here in Seattle. Needless to say, I was sold. I am now a meat dabbler. Perhaps dreaming of meat is just the next step. If I don't start dreaming of the actual meat itself, I wouldn't be surprised if the creatures created by We Dream of Meat do. It would be pretty magical.

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S- Who is We Dream of Meat?

WD- James and Stef. We live in Bristol, UK.
James does the drawing and cuts the patterns, Stef puts it together and makes it look nice.

S- You made some plush masks and bling for a Kid Acne video. Have you
continued to make these items?

WD- Those were a one-off we did for a friend of a friend who directed the video.
Kid Acne is perhaps more famous for his street murals in Sheffield and beyond.
If you Google him you can see some of his stuff - his style is pretty distinctive so most of the character design was done already.
The director is another graffiti guy who goes by the handle, Dscreet. He likes owls.

S- Do you guys really dream of meat?

WD- James does most of the time.

S- It looks like you guys have also worked on a few collaborations.
What came out of those collaborations with your plush?

WD- One plush we made using some spare bits of screen-printed cotton our friend Daddison ( had lying around at his house.
We made Morris D Cottonsocks, one in red and white and another in black and dark green. Another was "Lenny" who we did in conjunction with graffiti's Cyclops and Sweet Toof ( We made three or four in total and they were sold at a show in London. Cyclops was the one who hooked us up with Dscreet for the Kid Acne video. Bristol is somewhat of a hotspot for British street-art, it's a small place so these kinds of collaborations happen quite frequently.

S- Any future collaborations down the pipeline?

WD- Definitely more with Daddison, hopefully more with the BeforeChrome guys and a few more otherwise.

S- What do you guys listen to while making plush?

WD- BBC Radio 4 and 6. Sometimes 1 and 2. Occasionally 3. Never 5.

S- Do you guys have a favorite character you have made? If so, why?

WD- Coco always has a special place in our hearts because he was the first.
We made about 12 of him and a few others, bagged them up and taped them up all over Barcelona last summer with a little note and an email address. We even gave one to the sea - haven't heard from him yet. There are plans to do another drop-off project in NY in September - look out!

S- What do you see for the future of We Dream of Meat?

WD- To keep the momentum going. We want to to acquire more stockists - WDOM has sold really well in Berlin and it would be ace to branch out. An online shop element to our website is on the cards. Packaging packaging packaging. We are developing some really crispy boxes at the moment, also handmade. Some larger sized projects would be nice. Maybe just bigger than a small dog. Vinyl is definitely in the bigger picture.

S- If your plush could give advice to children what do you think it might be?

WD- Stay in skool.

S- What do you think is the best part of making plush toys?

WD- It's like having babies, without having babies.

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Kraxpelax said...

Hopefully this will be of interest.
My art, unique style.
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Peter Ingestad, Sweden

Kimberly Pye said...

Yeah, I don't dream of meat, either. But I definitely dream of those soft cuties!

Lovin' the mountain!

kimberlypye *at* gmail *dot* com

blakewest said...

Yeah, I dream of meats. Jealous?

Bunny B said...

They're such unique cuties!! :) Thanks for the chance!

bunnybox9 at gmail . com

pomly said...

I too succumbed to the meat after many years (17!) of vegetarianism.
That would be such a fine day to find one of these cuties on the street. Come September, I am keeping my eyes peeled! I hope the one at sea is doing ok.

Garrett French said...

holy moses that's some sweet plush. here's my email for the drawing: gfrench (at) gmail (dot) calm.

karen said...

I just found your blog through Ana Paula Rimoli's blog. Very interesting interviews.

These are fabulous creations! I can hardly wait for the online store!

I can be reached at
robandkarenoregon (at) gmail (dot) com

Thanks for the fun contest!

mr_thye said...

oh man these are toooooo great. I really liked the plush bling. I am currently working on knitting bling for me and eventually the masses so I can really appreciate the awesomeness of that piece. Everything is super great and the prize is stellar.


i dream of their plush. i hope im not too late to be entered! :D

silentsketcher-xox said...

My fave color is blue or green

can be contacted at


Hope i'm not to late! :D